The Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder has dimensions 387 x 311 x 180 mm and a weight of 3 kg.

Power is supplied via a standard electrical network, but in the event of an emergency, the option is also available backup power supply with four AA batteries.

Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder

Its 3,6-liter feed hopper is able to understand 1,8 kg of feed and is made of stainless steel. According to the manufacturer, the feed lasts in the container for up to 20 days.

The material from which the feed container is made facilitates its cleaning and protects it from adverse effects.

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder works with the Mi Home app

For smooth automatic operation, the feed dispenser is equipped with a small motor. Using small blades, it dispenses the food into the integrated bowl and allows easier access for pets to freshly dosed food.

You can schedule feed rations, but also remotely control if necessary.

The great advantage of the product is that this feed dispenser is fully compatible with the Mi Home application. From this application you can configure and program the frequency and amount of food that is dispensed into the bowl.

In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the feed container with a top cap that prevents moisture from entering the feed. After removing the cap, you can easily refill the container, knowing that the food for your pet will continue to be fresh. You can find the complete parameters of this product on the official website of the manufacturer.