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Paperlike 2.1 Screen Protector for iPad 10.9 2022

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paperlike 2.1 brand original screen protector for ipad


Write and draw like on paper.

Paperlike 2.1 helps you get the most out of your technology by bringing a paper feel to your iPad display.

Since 2017, Paperlike has made it easier for notetakers and artists to write and draw on their iPad. Our matte screen protector emulates the friction and resistance of paper so that every stroke with the Apple Pencil feels smooth and natural.

The newest revision of the Paperlike offers even better transparency and picture clarity when writing and drawing on your iPad.

paperlike screen protector for ipad matt clear transparent
Paperlike just got better.

An updated and improved screen protector for your iPad.

Paperlike 2.1 is the newest revision of our screen protector. It features a notable boost in picture clarity without changing the stroke resistance or the papery feel that has helped so many artists and notetakers transition to a digital workspace!

With the help of our new Switzerland-based manufacturer, the Paperlike 2.1 was developed with a new material composite that allows for the most accurate distribution of Nanodots technology to date, resulting in better transparency.

Experience the difference in Paperlike 2.1

paperlike swiss thinn screen protector like paper for ipad

New material composite

Our new material composite has improved the distribution of our Nanodots technology, resulting in a Paperlike model that is roughly 33% thinner than most screen protectors on the market.Experience improved picture clarity with the same stroke resistance and sensory feedback you’ve come to love.

paperlike nanodots original brand paper like paperfeel papertouch papersmooth

Powered by Nanodots

Nanodots are evenly distributed across our screen protector to create friction and vibration without compromising image quality.

Your Paperlike with Nanodots is scratch and fingerprint resistant and has anti-glare protection.

With Nanodots, you’ll experience precision in every pencil stroke.

Unleash your creativity. Write it right - every time.

Paperlike Size 10.9"
Compatible with iPad 10th generation (2022)
Packaging includes (2x) Paperlike Screen Protector, (2x) Application Set (Cleaning Wipe, Guide Stickers, Help Stickers, Dust Absorber, Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth)
Surface Technology Paperlike Nanodots Surface - Perfect Paper-Feel without compromising image quality.



  • Enhance your writing and drawing experience: Join thousands of students, business professionals, and professional artists who use Paperlike to improve precision when writing or drawing; by adding friction and resistance to the iPad glass, Paperlike delivers a true paper feel that makes notetaking and drawing a breeze
  • Upgraded picture clarity: Featuring the same great stroke resistance and friction you’ve come to know and love, Paperlike 2.1 now offers even better picture clarity for the ultimate viewing experience
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil: Paperlike was developed specifically for the Apple Pencil 1 and 2; our expertly engineered surface texture not only reduces natural erosion and minimizes the wear and tear on your stylus tips, but it also offers protection from scratches on your display
  • New material composite & Nanodots technology: The new, Swiss-based Paperlike 2.1 screen protector uses an improved material composite that distributes our Nanodots technology more evenly; Paperlike’s Nanodots technology scatters incoming and outgoing light so you can enjoy reduced reflections and an anti-glare experience
  • Package contents: This package includes two (2) Swiss Paperlike display protection films for the iPad 10.9 Inch 10th generation (2022), along with application stickers (2), wet wipes (2), dust absorbers (2), dry wipes (1), and detailed instructions for easy installation
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