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Hasbro Silverlit Robo Chameleon

by Hasbro
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Silverlit Robo Chameleon is a best toy award winner 2018 in the preschool category at the Nuremberg Germany toy exhibition. It is remote controlled and you can make it move towards its food, aim it, and let it catch its food. Once switched on, it will try to get your attention by rolling its eyes, changing the colors of the light at its back, and sweeping its tail. There are 4 direction controls (forward, left, right, and backward). Its eyes and tail move when it walks. It has a remote control tongue to catch its food. Its body illuminates when the catching is in progress. It can be controlled approx. up to 5m. Playtime is 40 mins. Accessories- 4 food mini baits are included. Batteries are not included. Instruction manual included. A child can even start a race with friends to take turns to catch the mini bait; the fastest one to catch the most mini baits wins the race.

• Robo Chameleon Is A Best Toy Award Winner 2018 In Pre School Category At Nuremberg Germany Toy Exhibition.
• It Is Remote Controlled And You Can Make It Move Towards Its Food, Aim It, And Let It Catch Its Food.
• Once Switched On, It Will Try To Get Your Attention By Rolling Its Eyes, Changing The Colors Of The Light At Its Back, And Sweeping Its Tail.
• Its Eyes and Tail Move When It Walks.
• It Has A Remote Control Tongue To Catch Its Food.
• Recommended Age: 4+ years.
• Robot: 4 x AA batteries (not included).
• Transmitter: 2 x AAA batteries.

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