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Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine Brown

by Fakir
JD 115.000
SKU 41002905

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You can add flavor to your conversations with the Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine Beyaz. The product, designed with all coffee lovers in mind, including users who cannot wake up without drinking morning coffee, helps you prepare a practical coffee at any time. Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine with 4 cups capacity at the touch of a button offers a coffee taste beyond your expectations.


A Coffee Experience Far From Classical Methods

Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine offers its users a practical coffee preparation experience with its remarkable features. Thanks to its automatic shut-off safety, it warns you when your coffee is ready and shuts down, thus saving energy by taking into account the safety of its users. Thanks to the safety of running out of water, your coffees do not face the risk of burning. Thanks to the measuring spoon in the Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine, you can prepare coffee in the consistency you want. Thanks to the product that does not look like coffee prepared with a coffee pot, you can save time and energy and catch the taste of roasted coffee.

Thanks to the Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine, Luminasense technology, your coffees will never overflow and you can prepare a full-fledged foamy coffee. Thanks to its lighting technology, the Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Machine also offers a visual feast while your coffee is being prepared. Thanks to its stylish design, the product that appeals to your eyes can be used for home and workplace.




  • Strength 735W
  • Cup Capacity 4 cups
  • Cup Size Selection -
  • Light Warning System There is
  • Voice Warning System There is
  • Coffee Measuring Spoon There is
  • Coffee Pot Material Plastic
  • Water tank -
  • Water Tank Capacity -
  • Luminasense Technology to prevent overflow There is
  • On-Off Power Button -
  • Protection Against Running Without Water There is
  • Low Water Level Alert -
  • Automatic Water Intake -
  • Control Panel Easy one-click control
  • Automatic Mixing -
  • Product Color Options White, Rouge, Violet, Rosie, Silver Stone, Brown
  • Product Weight 1.5 kg
  • Item Size 25 x 20.5 x 17 cm
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