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Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish coffee Mac Rouge

by Fakir
JD 78.000
SKU 41004156

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Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine Rosie is ready to take its place in your kitchen with its stylish design and pink color. The product, which offers pleasant moments to its drinkers thanks to the Turkish coffee it prepares at high performance, has the feature of cooking 4 cups of coffee at once. Thanks to the Luminasense feature that prevents overflow, your coffees will never overflow and offer plenty of foamy pleasure to its users.


Classic Turkish Coffee Taste Awaits You With Modern Technologies

Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine is always with its user thanks to its smart sensors. When your coffee is ready, it warns you with an audio warning system and offers a fresh coffee. It automatically stops when the amount of water decreases and takes into account both its own safety and the safety of its users. In addition, it allows you to see the amount of water from the water level window and be prepared for unexpected situations. The product, which starts to prepare coffee with a single button, saves its users from unnecessary details and offers practicality. In all transactions, it always informs the user of the transactions it has made with its light and sound warning systems.

With the Fakir Kaave Steel Turkish Coffee Machine, you can cook 4 cups of coffee at once. Thanks to its stylish design, it manages to attract the attention of its users. The technical features of the product, which draws attention with its high performance, maximize the yield that can be obtained from Turkish coffee. The fact that the cooking chamber of the product is steel offers long-lasting use and the feeling of being cooked in the coffee pot.




  • Strength 735W
  • Cup Capacity 4 cups
  • Cup Size Selection -
  • Light Warning System There is
  • Voice Warning System There is
  • Coffee Measuring Spoon There is
  • Coffee Pot Material Stainless steel
  • Water tank -
  • Water Tank Capacity -
  • Luminasense Technology to prevent overflow There is
  • On-Off Power Button -
  • Protection Against Running Without Water There is
  • Low Water Level Alert -
  • Automatic Water Intake -
  • Control Panel Easy one-click control
  • Automatic Mixing -
  • Product Color Options Silver Stone, Rouge, Violet, Rosie
  • Product Weight 1.6kg
  • Item Size 25 x 20.5 x 17 cm
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