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Chicco First Spoon 8M+ Pink

by Chicco
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Specially designed for babies aged 8 Months + as they begin weaning. Easy to use spoon to start self-feeding. Chicco first spoons are best for your child as they start taking solid or semi-solid foods, thanks to their high quality BPA free material and ergonomic design.

Recommended Age: 8 Months+

Key Features:

●    Soft and Angled – Ergonomically designed spoon to simplify the child's movements. 
●    0% BPA-  Made of BPA Free material to ensure the safety of your child's.
●    Silicone Spoon- These spoons are soft on the gums and protect children's teeth. Silicone tip ensures incredible softness on your baby's gums. It allows you to feed the baby gently.
●    Designed in appropriate size : Chicco’s first spoon has been specially designed in a manner that baby’s little hands can hold


Product Description:

Chicco's first baby spoon is designed to help the baby begin to enjoy eating solid food independently. This feeding spoon is easy to handle and is designed especially for babies. Chicco First Spoon is the perfect way to teach your child to feed themselves, and it is recommended when your baby starts weaning. Also, it comes with an anti-slip handle to ensure your baby can hold the spoon properly. Available in attractive blue and pink colours the Chicco Baby First Spoon will attract your child's attention.


Customer's benefits:

●    As your child becomes more resilient, these silicone spoons will help improve their self-feeding skills, and at the same time, improve their motor skills.
●    It is designed with those little hands in mind, so it is easy to hold and soft to touch.
●    It is usually suitable for parents who want to feed their children. The length of the handle helps the food reach the baby without the parents moving their arms/wrists too much.
●    It is easy to care for - As a parent, you already have enough to worry about when you will feed your baby. There is dirty laundry, baby care, and plenty of toiletries. Make things easier for you with Chicco's first spoons. They are BPA free and odourless.
●    They are safe for children - Your baby's safety is essential when putting anything inside their mouths. Fortunately, silicone spoons are entirely safe for your child.


Good to know:

The weaning period provides the baby with more nutrients, and it is also an essential step for his psychological, emotional and educational development. It is during this phase that new foods, new flavours, new textures and a new way of drinking and eating is initiated that leads to ever-increasing independence. Chicco accompanies the parents and the baby with a complete range of helpful, practical products, specially studied to meet his needs daily.

Chicco Baby’s First Spoon is soft to avoid any harm to your baby while feeding. It facilitates easy movement in the mouth, helping your child learn how to eat on his own. Chicco spoon is free of BPA and is entirely safe for your baby. Easy to clean and maintain, Chicco first spoon is compact, and you should have it for your little one.

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