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Free Delivery. Same Day Delivery, Order by 7pm!

BLUEO Ultra Anti-Reflectine Glass iPhone 15 Pro 6.1

by Blueo
JD 12.000
SKU MB26-15pro-6.1

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Blueo's tempered glass is a hardened glass, specially made to cover and protect your mobile screen from scratches and other damages. It does not affect the operation of the screen. In case of dropping the phone, it does not guarantee that the screen will not break with it, however it is an additional protection. It is 5D, which means that it has been specially processed to obtain curved edges that will cover the entire surface of the mobile phone screen. In this way, it is not obvious that the screen has protection, but in addition, its curved edges are also protected.

BLUEO Ultra Anti-Reflectine Glass for the iPhone 15 Pro 6.1 provides sleek, crystal-clear protection against glare and UV rays. With its ultra-hard surface, this glass ensures your screen stays scratch-free. Perfect for those who want to keep their iPhone looking as good as new.

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