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Babyliss FX7870BKSDE Pro Trimmer 45mm Steel BLK

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BaByliss PRO is proud to introduce its new metal trimmer for edging and precision work - SKELETON FX FX7870BKE . A special feature of the model is a completely open knife block, which provides the hairdresser with maximum visibility from any direction. This solution allows you to work with high precision, providing maximum detail in the workflow. Thanks to the open design of the knife block, you also do not need additional tools to clean and care for the knives.

The BaByliss PRO FX7870BKE trimmer is equipped with a T-shaped open blade block 40 mm wide and the ability to adjust the minimum hair cut to “zero clearance”. Thanks to this solution, the model can be effectively used not only for edging, but also for creating hair tattoos, trimming beards and working in difficult, hard-to-reach places.

The SKELETON FX FX7870BKE is equipped with a long-lasting professional Ferrari engine that delivers outstanding performance. The motor provides easy cutting and precise control during operation. 

The trimmer is powered by a lithium battery, which provides 2 hours of battery life. A full charge lasts no more than 3 hours. You can charge the battery at any time, and also use the trimmer as a wired trimmer using an adapter with a long power cord.

The BaByliss PRO FX7870BKE trimmer is made in a stylish metal case. The handle has special notches, thanks to which the trimmer “sits” securely in the hand. In addition to its stylish design, the machine is perfectly balanced, which will provide you with easy, relaxed work without strain on your hand.

On the body of the model there is an on/off button and an LED battery status indicator. There is a metal loop on the back of the trimmer for hanging.


Features of the SKELETON FX FX7870BKE model:

  • Lightweight and functional trimmer
  • Stylish bright design
  • Metal body
  • Open T-shaped blade block 40 mm wide
  • Possibility of adjusting the cut to zero clearance
  • Long-lasting Ferrari engine with electronic control
  • Knife vibration frequency 7200 vibrations per minute
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Autonomy 2 hours
  • Full charge 3 hours
  • Possibility to work from the network
  • Built-in metal loop



  • Trimmer
  • Instructions
  • Knife oil
  • Combination cleaning brush
  • Knife protective cap
  • Branded mini screwdriver
  • Knife adjustment device
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