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Areon: Home Perfume 150ml - GARDEN OSMANTHUS

by Areon
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Product description

Unique air freshener / diffuser /, designed for the interior. It consists of 10 pieces of special porous wooden sticks, a glass bottle and 150 ml of perfume. The scent will last you several months, especially if you place a glass bottle with sticks in a space with minimal airflow. This product belongs to the highest line of air fresheners and its quality will satisfy even the most demanding clients with refined taste.


Use the air freshener as follows

Unscrew the cap, remove the plastic plug and screw the cap back on. Insert a few wooden sticks into the bottle through the hole in the lid (odor intensity regulation according to the number of sticks inserted) and store the others; as soon as the smell seems a little intense, add more sticks.


Perfume composition

This perfume was designed as a luxurious and delicate fragrance for both men and women; fresh citrus and green tones are complemented by the fragile violet, jasmine and herbal power of wormwood, adding a bitter tone to the composition, all based on patchouli, musk and woody scents.




The interior of the home, office, and wherever you need to freshen up the environment. Thanks to its unique aroma and tasteful packaging, the product can also be used as a luxury gift.

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