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The World between your hands

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We created this book that summarizes the whole geography of the Earth, it is so useful for parents who want to teach their children about the different areas in the world, if you have a curious child who love traveling and ask a lot of questions about these subjects, then this book will answer his questions. It contains:

- The 7 Continents with general view of them, and a huge map with all countries of the continents.

- Classification of the continents, by area and population.

- 2 world maps, with the purpose to know the position of each country and the area.

- All countries of the world. From A to Z. with:
- Flag,

- area (mile² and km²)

- Populations, Capital

- The monetary unit (currency)

- Official language.

- The top ten classifications of countries, by area And population.

With the colorful interior of the book and the interesting facts about countries from all over the world, learning will be a very fun experience. Additionally, it is an ideal gift, or a reward for good behavior. Further, even adults will learn and benefit from this book, as there are a lot of unknown countries, so they will enjoy discovering them with their kids.

Finally, the entire book is richly colored and well presented.

Author: Kht Geography

Publisher: Kht Geography

Publication Date: 1 December 2020

Paperback: 44 pages




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