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The Yoga Plate

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“The Yoga Plate brings us compassion and living right for our families, our planet and our animals―a beautiful offering for good all around.” ―Julie Piatt and Rich Roll, bestselling authors, wellness leaders, chefs, and podcast hosts Discover 108 nourishing and delicious vegan recipes in the first modern cookbook to marry yoga’s principle of ahimsa with nutrition We take a lot of care when it comes to choosing the proper clothing for yoga, the right accessories, the best studio―but primary to these considerations is an often overlooked yet vital component of practice: our diet. How we eat might be the most important aspect of an effective practice. How we eat is a huge component to the practice because it represents how we treat and nourish ourselves. By changing the way we eat physically and consciously, we can put ourselves on the path to greater well-being. In The Yoga Plate, LA-based yoga power couple Tamal and Victoria Dodge introduce readers to the philosophy of yoga as it is reflected in our eating choices. The 108 recipes are designed according to the concept of ahimsa, or non-harm. “Consciously or not, we can cause a lot of harm with our eating habits,” explain the authors. “Living with ahimsa means we try to cause the least harm possible to all living creatures.” Each recipe takes you through your daily practice of yoga, starting with “Morning Meditations,” where you’ll find smoothies and breakfasts to fuel and power you through the day; “A Plate Full of Prana,” with snacks, soups, and salads to revitalize your system; “A Bowl Full of Yin,” with recipes to help cultivate a centered mood; and “Sweet Savasana” for restorative and beneficial dessert options. A well-rounded yoga practice includes a conscious approach to the things we eat. With The Yoga Plate, readers can make each meal a sacred activity to support both our practice and well-being.

Authors: Tamal Dodge , Victoria Dodge

Publisher: Sounds True Inc

Publication Date: 24 Sept. 2019

Hardcover320 pages

ISBN-10: ‎168364350X

Dimensions: 20.9 x 2.24 x 25.93 cm

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