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Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector

by Xiaomi
JD 480.000

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1080P resolution retains true colors
Mi Smart Compact Projector supports 1920×1080 full HD resolution and is upward compatible with 4K resolution playing.
With the new generation DMD chips by Texas Instruments, millions of DMD reflective lenses are able to flip ±17° independently at a frequency of 166,600 times per second.
Rays of different colors then converge on the lens to make a clear, cinema-like image.

Four-channel LED RGB + BP increases brightness by more than 20%
Compared with conventional three-channel LED projection, the projector adds one more blue light path and increases brightness by more than 20%, to an average of 500 ANSI
lumens (highlight mode). Uses Osram LED with an NTSC gamut range as high as 85%. Truer colors come with wider gamut ranges.

Richer details and livelier colors
HDR10 high dynamic range video decoding improves contrast, renders details more richly, and presents objects more realistically, for a multi-layered visual experience.

Auto-focusing on startup, accurately presenting the clearest picture
Equipped with a highly sensitive camera that effectively improves auto-focusing accuracy and ensures clarity and sharpness.
Motorized focusing is also supported so you can do it your own way.

Square pixel architecture Finer details and clearer pictures
Compared with the rhombus pixels of conventional projectors, Texas Instruments' TRP square pixel architecture greatly
reduces the zigzags at edges of pictures and makes them smooth and natural.
In particular, the presentation of text is sharper and clearer.

1.2:1 throw ratio, offering big pictures in small rooms
The throw ratio of 1.2:1 is suitable for rooms in most households. You can easily adjust the throw distance to project to a giant screen of
60–120 inches. Watching movies, enjoying concerts and playing games, all on the same wall.

Surging sound effects give you a cinema experience at home
Large integrated sound chamber, super long sound transducer and highly sensitive speakers
The Mi Smart Compact Projector has tailored chamber volume and matching aperture that jointly provides the best possible acoustic effect
within this space. It combines the large integrated sound chamber with a super long sound transducer to produce sounds with rich layers
through the highly sensitive speakers. The low frequency sounds come down to 90Hz, giving you more bass experience than the lowest
frequency range of 150–200Hz offered by normal projectors.

Built-in Google Assistant supporting different languages from 14 countries/regions
Just press and hold the voice button on the remote control to complete certain projector operations and have dialogs.

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