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Same day delivery in Amman for orders before 7pm*

Twister Shuffle Card Game

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Aim of the Game – To play cards on your body or another players body. Be the last player to drop your cards. How to Play - Everyone sits in a circle giving each player a card with a different colour placing face up into the circle. In the centre place the remaining cards. The youngest player takes the top card from the stack and turns it over. The card will then tell them what to do, they will either put the card on themselves or on another player depending on what the card says. Always place the card outwards so that the coloured dot faces upwards. If a card asks you to touch then look to see whether you touch with your hand or foot then look at which colour the spinner is pointing to. The player has a choice to touch a matching colour card on the floor or on another player. If the player drops their card or knocks one off another player then they lose a life. Each player has 2 lives throughout the game, if someone loses both their lives then they are out of the game. The last player left is the winner! Download the Shuffle App to change the gameplay available on iOS and Android devices.

Gameplay lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Suitable for Ages 6+ and 2-6 players.

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