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Spin Master: Game Paw Patrol Movie Pop Up

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The playing field depicts the characters of the cartoon Paw Patrol in the cinema .
The board game with a button teaches mathematics, logic, culture of behavior and develops communication skills and the ability to negotiate.
The game is intended for a company of children up to 4 people.

The play set includes:

  • Plastic playing field with built-in cube
  • 16 chips 4 colors
  • Rules of the game

Rules of the game

Each player has to choose the color of your chips and put them in a row on the game board, matching color
at a time, each player clicks on a clear plastic button in the center of the playing field, under which is a dice

If a player rolls a 6 - he gets the right to move his the chip to the starting position (the marked cell on the playing field) and once again roll the die and move your chip by the appropriate number of steps.

Each time a player rolls 6, he can move his "game" piece by the appropriate number of steps or move another of his game pieces to the starting position, and he also gets the right to one more move.

All moves are made clockwise only.
If a player moves his piece to the position occupied by the opponent, then he has the right to return this opponent's piece to the starting position in his zone.

After the player has moved all his pieces on the playing field, he must take positions on the area of ​​the playing field of his color and marked with arrows. The player can move the pieces to the finishing positions only by throwing out the exact number needed to move on them.

Once the chips have hit the finishing positions, the other player cannot move them to the start.
The winner is the player whose chips reach the finishing positions first.
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