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Pop Animation - Naruto Shippuden - Naruto Shippuden Kakashi

by Funko
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Kakashi Hatake is one of the characters of the Japanese manga Naruto. He is an elite ninja from Konoha, he has the rank of jonin. He hides under his Konoha headband, a Sharingan in his left eye. In Naruto’s world, he is known as “Kakashi the Copycat Ninja”. Indeed, he is famous for his mastery of the Sharingan which was given to him by his childhood friend, Obito Uchiwa before he died. What also makes him famous is that he is the son of the famous “White Fang of Konoha” of his real name Sakumo Hatake, a ninja of such a strength that he overshadowed the 3 legendary Sannin. During a mission, his father Sakumo chose the life of his team to the detriment of the success of the mission, which earned him a wave of slander. Physically and mentally exhausted, he committed suicide. Kakashi will do the exact opposite of his father, always striving to respect the rules and precepts of the ninja and to make his team members respect them.

Kakashi is considered a genius, he climbed up the Shinobi ranks very quickly. He is the leader of Team 7, composed of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiwa and Sakura Haruno. At first glance, he may not seem very cheerful, but he is very attached to his companions.

Through this Pop! figurine, Funko represents Kakashi with his famous and only technique he invented: “Lightning for murderer” better known under the name of “Raikiri”. 



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