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Wiz By Philips Connected Led Bulb Wi-Fi Color White/9W A60 12/1Ct

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State-of-the-art LED lights for your home
State-of-the-art LED light bulbs to provide general lighting throughout the building. Instant energy savings
without compromising the quality of light and also reducing the frequency of changing lamps as well

high-quality light
Designed for comfort on your eyes.

Choose to replace old bulbs. you're out easily
This bulb is similar in shape and size to a standard incandescent bulb and similar in size to a capsule filament bulb.

Choose a solution that is sustainable
Lamp life can be up to 15 years.

It is a light that gives more than brightness.
Simple LED light for everyday use.

Easy-to-use smart lighting for more comfortable everyday use.
Easy to get started with wireless control of the Wi-Fi LED via Instant App

LED lights are gentle and comfortable on the eyes.
Usually, the light bulbs are very bright. will make the eyes tired
and if the light is too weak It may cause the light to flash.
So you can make your world more bright with LED bulbs.
designed for eye comfort Ready to provide the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Can be used in place of standard incandescent bulbs
with a beautiful design and a shape that will make you look familiar
This energy-saving LED bulb can be a perfect replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.
This bulb is similar in shape and size to a capsule incandescent bulb.
This makes it the most contemporary LED light bulb of our generation.

The average service life is 15,000 hours.
Comes with a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours.
So you don't have to change bulbs often. which may allow you to use the lamp for up to 15 years

Normal LED light for everyday use.
The Philips everyday LED is a light bulb for basic use.
while providing beautiful lighting and reliable performance at an affordable price.

Getting started is easy with Smart Wi-Fi LED.
Getting started with Smart Lighting is as simple as turning the bulb.
to the lamp socket, then load WiZ and follow the steps within the app.
Need more help? You can chat and ask questions within the app immediately.

Instant control through the app
Adjust your lights on the go with this super easy to use the free app. saves you from having to
Walk-in and out of one room to another. to check if all lights are turned off or not
Can control all bulbs Wherever you are, you can
Control all bulbs with iOS and Android smartphone apps.

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