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Make It Real Crystal Secrets 3-Pack

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Welcome to Make It Real, your gateway to a world of creativity!

As parents ourselves, we know that girls develop rapidly as they move from child to tween to teen. As budding young women they are developing physical, social, and emotional skills that will help them succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.

At Make It Real, we value the role that play and experimentation have on developing and honing these skills. Our products are crafted with intention; each play pattern highlights one or more skills from our unique Skill Center to help your daughter be the best that she can be!

Every Make It Real product is tested to the highest toy and cosmetic safety standards, or we do not ship it.

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Make It Real - Crystal Secrets

Wear the magic of the universe with these three collectible DIY bracelets in vibrant star-lit rainbow colors, embellished with Swarovski crystal and completed with a special charm shaped like an adorable animal.


The Crystal Secrets Bracelet Kit Includes Kit Includes:

  • 3 Secret Charms with a Swarovski Crystal
  • Locking heart box with key
  • Stylish, colorful beads for 3 bracelets
  • Colored Cord
  • Easy to follow instructions


Personalize the bracelets with the rainbow colored beads and unwrap the secret animal charm to create a stylish bracelet!

make it real

make it real

make it real

Discover, Design, Dazzle

Bring a big surprise to craft time with this collectible, DIY bracelet kit. Each kit includes what you need to make three bracelets, including mystery animal-shaped charms, each holding a unique Swarovski crystal in their favorite color, a locking heart box, key, colorful cord and vibrant beads, plus easy-to-follow instructions.

Surprise Awaits

All three of these bracelets come with a special, mystery animal charm kids will love unwrapping. Discover all eight adorable animal designs for a fun, surprise-filled accessory collection.

Collect the Rainbow

Kids will love collecting the eight surprise animal charms with unique, colorful Swarovski crystals, each with supercool stories, colors and moods.

Build Real World Skills for Developing Girls

make it real

make it real

make it real

Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills focus on large muscle groups for movement and activity, like running, jumping, and balancing. Motor Planning includes the ability to sequence and carry out an activity from idea to completion.

Visual Skills

Visual Skills focus on hand-eye coordination and visual perception required for tasks such as cutting, sketching a two-dimensional image from a 3D object, and the ability to recall an image seen previously.


The development of cognitive skills throughout a person’s life enables him or her to learn, understand, and assimilate information. Cognition includes the ability to pay attention, reason, find solutions to problems, analyze data, evaluate, and make comparisons.

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