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Headu: Play Mime

by Headu
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for 3-6 players. Place all the tiles face down on the game board. The oldest player begins, who draws a tile and mimics the subject or animal. Whoever guesses first wins the tile and becomes the new mime. Whoever wins 5 tiles first.



for 3-6 players. 10 tiles are chosen and placed face up on the game board. The discarded tiles are used as scoreboards. The oldest player begins, who chooses a tile without being discovered by the others and mimics the subject or animal. The first one who guesses stops the game by pointing with his finger at the tile he believes has been imitated. So he earns a score card and becomes the new mime. Whoever wins 5 tiles first.

A super fun and innovative game of emotional intelligence that encourages little ones to get imaginative with gestures, expressions and body movement!

Players take turns assuming the role of the mime (or it can be taken on by an adult as well!), and then acting out associative motions (and emotions) of the chosen occupation or animal (based only on the cards laid out on the table). The rest then tries to guess the correct answer and if they are right, they get to keep the card. Whoever collects 5 cards first wins!

If you have an even number of players on board, you can even turn this into a semi-collaborative game, where players pair up to form mime-and-guesser, and aim to the first team to collect 5 cards first!

A extremely valuable play aid that helps budding learners be more aware of the body language of their own and others; as well as the power of communication through non-verbal methods like gestures, movements, expressions.




• Kinesthetic learning
• Emotional intelligence
• Body language awareness
• Non-verbal communication
• Creativity and imagination

Play Mime is part of Headu's EcoPlay range, which is made in Italy from 100% recycled paper & cardboard; and is free from all plastics. No new trees were cut down in the process of making this product, and all parts in this set are also 100% recyclable.

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