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Free Delivery. Same Day Delivery, Order by 7pm!

Dr Save Total Vacuum Storage Solution Travel Pack

by Dr Save
JD 27.000
SKU DrsavevacT001

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Tired of your suitcase becoming messy as you travel around, losing stuff or you wish you could fit in more? We know, and these vacuum sealer bags compress 
everything down, so you can take more but know where it all is. Get yours now to take the stress and mess out of your trip. 

  • ✔ LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND… Organize your clothes in our vacuum bags then our electric pump sucks out the air to make space for more things!
  • ✔ COMES FULLY EQUIPPED… You’ll get an electric pump & 4 vacuum storage bags, 2 (40x60cm) & 2 (50x70cm) to help organize your trips so you know where everything is.
  • ✔ BUILT TO LAST… a hard-wearing PE+PET material construction ensures your travel vacuum sealer stays primed for long-term use, and lots of vacations!
  • ✔ ENJOY QUICK & EASY USE… comes with a battery-operated vacuum pump that sucks out all excess air without any effort, unlike manual pumps
  • ✔ NO CREASING… even though your clothes are getting compressed they stay pretty much crease-free, so you won’t need to iron when you arrive at your hotel room.
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