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Cocomelon Feature Vehicle Train

JD 24.000

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CHOO CHOO! Get ready for a melodious ride with the CoComelon Musical Train! This brightly coloured train comes with an exclusive 3-inch conductor JJ figure, a popular character from the educational CoComelon YouTube series! This musical CoComelon toy can seat any of your 3-inch CoComelon figures. Press on the train stack to hear the "Train" song and more. The free-wheeling motion puts your child in control of this fun and detailed vehicle! Bring their favourite CoComelon nursery rhymes to life with the CoComelon Musical Train!2 x AA Batteries includedCHOO

  • Inspired by your child’s favorite educational series, the CoComelon Featured Train is the perfect toy for playtime! The kids will have a blast
  • The vehicle will attract your child’s attention immediately with various sounds and songs to play!
  • The toy car is freewheeling so your little one can conduct with the exclusive JJ Conductor Figure.
  • There’s so much more CoComelon to collect! Bring home the fun with plush, vehicles, instruments, figures, and more. rain is the perfect toy for playtime! The kids will have a blast!
  • Choo Choo! Get ready for a playtime adventure with JJ the Conductor and the Featured Train Vehicle! This feature vehicle comes with an exclusive JJ Conductor Figure so your little one can jump right into play time.
  • This vehicle can fit up to four figures, so bring all your favorite CoComelon characters along for the ride!
  • Want to hear a song? Press down on the train chiminea and hear the intro song, a tractor sound, and so much more
  • With the free wheeling drive, your little one can push around their train wherever they go and explore all the fun adventures with JJ inside the vehicle!
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