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Caffenu Espresso Cleaning Capsule Units

by Caffenu
JD 5.000

Nespresso Coffee Machines - an Invisible Problem!
The popularity of Nespresso coffee machines has increased dramatically in recent years. With a vast array of flavors and blends available at the press of a button, their convenience provides an undeniable appeal. It also presents a problem that many are unaware of!

Over time, the machines collect unwanted debris that includes oils, tannins, granules, and bacteria within the all-important brewing chamber. This build-up can ruin both the aroma and flavor of your next drink, as well as potentially block/damaging key components of the Nespresso system. This problem has increased since the advent of new products such as flavored coffees and chocolate-powdered capsules, all of which leave substantial residue behind.

Descaling Your Nespresso Machine - it’s Only Half the Story!
Although of essential importance in maintaining your Nespresso machine, periodic descaling is insufficient on its own. It is typically only undertaken every 3 to 6 months and removes calcium and limescale from the boiler/thermoblock, pump, and pipes of the machine. The process lacks the essential pressure and specific ingredients that are necessary to clean the brewing chamber.

The Caffenu Cleaning Capsule - a ‘Nu’ way of Cleaning Your Nespresso Machine
Until now there has been no way of cleaning the brewing chamber of your machine without actually disassembling it. As well as being extremely difficult, doing so yourself may void the warranty that accompanies the product.

The Caffenu Cleaning Capsule makes it possible to clean the brewing chamber, nozzle, spout, and washer plate of any Nespresso and Nespresso-compatible machine. Simply insert one capsule as if making a drink and a unique foaming action is initiated that will remove all unwanted debris, build-up, and odors within two minutes!

The Caffenu Capsule - a Unique Formulation
The capsule contains a unique combination of ingredients that work together to clean your Nespresso machine in the most efficient manner possible.

The main ingredient within the formula is sodium carbonate. Containing twice the amount of sodium that is present in the bicarbonate of soda, it has mild disinfectant properties and is an effective fungicide. It is also a great odour remover and functions as a mechanical cleanser.

The second most prominent constituent is the oxygen-based bleaching agent. This provides the unique foaming action, as well as the capacity to powerfully lift both dirt and residue from hard-to-reach areas.

The final noteworthy ingredient is the surfactant, which is the detergent element of the formula. It allows the oils to mix with water and breaks down the surface tension of the water.

The capsule is food-safe and made from organic and biodegradable ingredients. It dissolves after usage and will never stain.

How Often Should you Clean?
Although the regularity of cleaning that is necessary will be determined by the amount and type of drinks that are made using your machine, one cleaning capsule after every 30 cups (or a minimum of one per month) is the general guideline. For more specific instructions, visit

Machine Compatibility
The Caffenu cleaning capsule is designed specifically for the Nespresso system and is compliant with all Nespresso and Nespresso-compatible machines as of the date of manufacture. See for further details.

Box Contains
5 x Caffenu Nespresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules

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