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Break Free

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Unstuck is a landmark new smart-thinking title that will help anyone optimise their mind to overcome the obstacles holding them back. It does for self-development what Atomic Habits did for with behavioural hacking and Thinking Fast and Slow did for understanding ourselves.

Everyone, at some time, will go through episodes of simply being stuck; whether it's in our careers or relationships, our personal, professional or artistic lives. We call this things like 'being stuck in a rut', 'having writer's block' or 'being frozen in place'. This is not just harmful in the short-term, but is often chronic, dangerous to our mental health and well-being, and with severe consequences to our success and development.

Unstuck is the remedy to identifying and overcooking the 'friction points' holding us back. Adam Alter offers an brilliantly applicable new framework for not only getting 'unstuck' but also going on to thrive. Critically, he introduces us to the Friction Audit: a test to work out where our sticking points lie, categorises them as existing in our Head, Heart or Habits. Unstuck then takes us through a 5-step process to strive for more and to thrive.

Unstuck is the key for overcoming friction points and reaching our full potential.

Author: Adam Alter

Publisher: Blink Publishing

Publication Date: 2023


Dimensions: 231 x 151 mm

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