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Enjoy Same Day Delivery inside Amman, for all orders placed before 6pm.
Enjoy Same Day Delivery inside Amman, for all orders placed before 6pm.

Arcade1Up: Marvel Pinball Machine

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Tilt, nudge and flip your way to the all-time high score with Arcade1Up’s replica digital pinball machine. With a rich history spanning back hundreds of years, pinball is making a return once again thanks to its timeless gameplay, easy-to-learn controls and strategy. Not just for lighthearted fun, pinball is a great way to hone hand-eye coordination, get in your creative zone or just blow off some steam. Become one with the flippers, cultivate lightning-fast reflexes and enjoy a game that’s brought joy to generations of players.

Featuring gorgeous Marvel artwork, characters and sounds from the films, this replica pinball table is the perfect companion to your home arcade.



• Replica Pinball Machine with Adjustable Feet
• Seven-Inch Animated Colour LCD Score Screen
• Realistic Faux Coin Door
• Recessed 24-Inch Recessed HD LCD Playfield
• Built-in Accelerometer for Real Nudge and Tilt Action
• Built-in Solenoids for Haptic Feedback
• Dual Speakers with Metal Grills
• 3/4 Scale, Standing Just Under Five Feet Tall
• Protective Acrylic Top with Metal Bezel


Take a trip into the Marvel world all over again, but this time, in digital pinball form! Tons of your favorite superheroes and villains are here for you to play around with while you experience the most satisfying digital pinball experience yet.

Built-in haptic feedback, accelerometer, nudges, and tilts, all of the classic pinball action is here and feels as good as ever! With 10 great Marvel titles packed in, you will have tons of hero work to do!

Games Included

• Spider-Man
• Civil War
• Wolverine
• X-Men
• Thor
• Marvel's Women of Power: A-Force
• Ghost Rider
• Venom
• Fantastic Four
• Fear Itself

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