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Amazing Women Of The Middle East

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A superb collection of stories about incredible women from the Middle East

Discover Sheherazade, the famous storyteller, dive into the musical world of the beautiful singer Fairuz and meet Amal Clooney, an outstanding international lawyer. Feel inspired by twenty-five amazing women from the Middle East, who have created a legacy through strength of vision, leadership, courage, and determination. Written by award-winning author and trailblazer, Wafa' Tarnowska, this stunning collection of life stories is illustrated by a team of internationally recognized artists. This book is an absolute must-have!

This book features:

- Scheherazade, Persia, narrator
- Nefertiti, Ancient Egypt, 1370 BCE, Queen of Egypt
- Queen of Sheba, 1050 BCE, modern-day Ethiopia
- Semiramis, ancient Iraq, 811 BCE, Queen of Babylon
- Cleopatra VII, Egypt, 69 BCE, last queen of Egypt
- Zenobia, Syria, 240 CE, Queen of Palmyra
- Theodora, 497 CE, Empress of Byzantium
- Rabiya al Adawiyya, Iraq, 714, poet
- Shajarat al Durr, Egypt, early 13th Century, Sultana of Egypt
- Hurrem Sultan, Ukraine, 1502, Sultana of Ottoman Empire
- May Ziadeh, Nazareth, Palestine, 1886, writer
- Nazik el Abid, Syria, 1887, activist
- Anbara Salam al Khalidi, Lebanon, 1897, activist and feminist
- Saloua Raouda Choucair, Lebanon, 1916, painter
- Fairuz, Lebanon, 1933, singer
- Zaha Hadid, Iraq, 1950, architect
- Anousheh Ansari, Iran/USA, 1966, astronaut
- Somayya Jabarti, Saudi Arabia, 1970, editor-in-chief
- Nadine Labaki, Lebanon, 1974, film maker and actress
- Amal Clooney, Lebanon/British, 1978, lawyer
- Manahel Thabet, Yemen, 1981, economist and mathematician
- Maha Al Baluchi, Oman, pilot
- Nadia Murad, Iraq, 1993, rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner
- Zahra Lari, UAE, 1995, ice skater
- Azza Fahmy, Egypt, jewellery designer


  •  Hardback | 112 pages
  •  193 x 231 x 15mm | 590g
  •  Crocodile Books
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