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In addition to the General Exclusions to all the cover sections of this policy, this cover shall not be provided for the following cases and their consequences:

  1. Damage due to electrical or mechanical failure of the iPhone
  2. Damages covered by the manufacturer\'s warranty.
  3. Damages caused by computer viruses
  4. If the damage has been produced by the use contrary to the recommendations or standards of the manufacturer.
  5. Damages caused by a latent manufacturing defect.
  6. Damage caused to the external parts of the Insured iPhone when they do not prevent the proper functioning thereof, such as scratches and any other purely external damage.
  7. Damages caused by the Software, understood as Software the programs installed in the mobile that render the Insured iPhone inoperative
  8. Those caused by the configuration of user settings, or the process of backup or data recovery, loss, corruption, or damage to data operating systems.
  9. Accidental damage caused by the power supply, electric drip, improper connection to the electrical network, adapters, stabilizers, surge suppressors, or other devices.
  10. Repairs, modifications made to the device of a technician not authorized by the manufacturer or DNA.
  11. Any accidental damage caused by pre-existing defects.
  12. Removal and placement of interlocking devices.
  13. Accidental damages caused by accessories not approved by the manufacturer, as well as by faults in generators or transformers in general unless they are supplied directly by the manufacturer.
  14. Any type of self-repair or attempt to self-repair.
  15. When the model number or serial number or number of IMEI / ESN sticker (previously registered) of the mobile phone is removed, damaged, defaced, stained or erased.
  16. Water damage in devices considered waterproof by the manufacturer.
  17. Damages of a non-accidental nature.


On a general basis for all the guarantees and benefits under the present General Conditions, the consequences of the following are excluded from any guarantee object of this contract:

  1. Losses that occur outside [Jordan]
  2. When the affected iPhone does not match the details stated in the policy.
  3. When the insured does not send the documentation requested by DNA and needed to manage the claim.
  4. When it is not possible to verify the IMEI number (it was not previously registered).
  5. The loss, theft or mislaying of the iPhone.
  6. Duly excluded are the costs of accessories or of any consumable part related to the operation of the Insured iPhone (modem, hands free kit, charger, battery other than that originally supplied by the manufacturer, add-in cards or any accessory that is secondary to the Insured iPhone).
  7. Expenses incurred as a result of permanence clauses in contracts with the operator.
  8. Any cleaning, service, inspection, maintenance, adjustment or repair process not authorised by DNA.
  9. Any malfunction resulting from incorrect configuration or reconfiguration of the iPhone, or of an application.
  10. Cosmetic damage: the repair of the Insured iPhone solely affected by cosmetic damage, which does not prevent the correct operation of the iPhone.
  11. Wilful acts or acts carried out in bad faith, by the Insured or the person for whom he / she must respond, or those derived from the infringement or deliberate breach of the legal regulations.
  12. Any loss caused by negligence of the Insured.
  13. Claims not attributable to a single specific event.
  14. Any fraudulent conduct in order to receive benefits from any of the coverage's to which this policy entitles.
  15. Armed conflicts (whether or not there is an official declaration of war), tumultuous actions produced by the course of meetings or demonstrations, rebellion, sedition, riot, or terrorism.
  16. Reaction or nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination
  17. Natural disasters. Pollution, pollution or corrosion, as well as any variation or harmful influence of water, air or soil and, in general, on the environment.
  18. Cost of dismounting for the diagnosis, when the breakdown or accidental damage is not covered under this policy for any reason.
  19. Any loss related to the accessories of the Insured iPhone.
  20. Normal wear and tear, obsolescence.
  21. Breakdown or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, improper installation, unless the authorized service representative confirms the opposite.
  22. Any breakdown or damage covered by the manufacturer\'s warranty or any other Insurance.


Screen Damage Insurance is limited to the screen of the iPhone.

Screen Damage Insurance is valid for 6 months from the day of the purchase.

DNA shall verify the iPhone being claimed was effectively purchased from DNA with an active screen damage insurance policy.

iPhone purchased from DNA without a screen damage insurance policy are not eligible for the screen damage insurance policy.

DNA shall inspect the iPhone being claimed by the customer and decide if the claim is valid or not valid.

If DNA verifies the claim is valid, DNA has the option to repair or replace the damaged screen within a period of 30 working days.

DNA accepts 1 claim per 1 insurance policy only.

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